Stone Age is a great gateway choice for players that are interested in trying out the worker placement mechanic.

Each player takes the role of a small, but growing, tribe during the stone age. Players decide on how to claim victory points through different actions, limited by the number of meeples in your tribe.

A key way to progress is to gather resources, such as wood, bricks, metal and gold. These resources are used throughout the game to buy cards and huts.

Players also need to feed their tribe by gathering food before the end of each turn. Whilst growing your tribe means you have more options to play, it also means you have more mouths to feed.

Committing resources to collecting resources isn’t a sure thing though, and players will need to roll dice for each person they commit to an action. In this way there is an element of luck where you can improve your odds by having more meeples take part in an activity.

Stone Age allows players to establish a strategy and work through it. There isn’t a lot of player interaction, however it pays to keep an eye on what other players are doing to either block them or check that they aren’t blocking you.

The artwork for the game is very complementary to the theme, including on the cards and tokens. The physical resource tokens are also good quality and add to the overall gaming experience.

Stone Age

Stone Age is available for about £40 from Amazon UK.

Stone Age

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