Killer Bunnies is a fun, fast, highly interactive game which is ideal for light gamers.

The object of the game is to find the magic carrot, from 20 possible carrots. This element of the game is hugely luck based as carrot cards are awarded in a random order during the game, and the ‘winning’ carrot is also selected at random.

Where this game really shines is in the player interactions. Players draw cards from a common draw pile, into their hands and then play these out during the game. Most cards need to be ‘run through’ by committing them, face down, on the table and then only having access to them in the next round.

Other cards can be played directly form your hand, however these are rarer.

The ‘bunnies’ come into play once you have placed them in front of you. Having multiple bunnies means you can do more in your turn, however having bunnies makes you a target for other players to attack or steal. Attacking a bunny can be done via weapon cards or by forcing their player to feed or water them.

There are almost a dozen expansions which provide additional game play mechanics. This means that the game is highly replayable.

Whilst the luck element of winning the game can be a negative to players who enjoy strategy and tactic, the player interaction whilst playing is the real enjoyment part of the game.

Killer Bunnies Box

The initial deck – the Blue Starter Pack – is available for about £45 from Amazon UK.

Killer Bunnies
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