In Splendor, players aim to score points by ‘buying’ tiles based on the gem value of the cards.

Gem cards are laid out in a shared central area in three rows, with cheaper cards at the bottom, increasing in cost and value. There are also cards that represent patrons, each with their own value and cost.

During a round, players can either collect gems from the available pool or buy a card if they can meet the gem cost for the card. If they buy a gem card, they gain the benefits of the gem and return any spent gems to the pool.

In addition to the value of some gem cards in counting towards the players points, the card also acts like a permanent gem of that type for the player to use when buying additional cards.

The game ends when one of the players reaches a predefined winning points total – made up of the patron and gem cards with values.

Although the mechanics of this game are simple it is a lot of fun with high replayability and a good amount of strategy.

The components are of high quality and the four gem and coin tokens have a good weight.

Splendor Box

Available from about £22 on Amazon UK.

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