This fantasy themed area control game is a lot of fun thanks to some great artwork and easy to learn rules.

Players start by selecting from the available random combination of races and special abilities – for example ‘Diplomatic Giants’, or ‘Heroic Orcs’. This combination defines how many playing peices you will have to use in the game, to capture land areas on the board.

Land areas can be unclaimed or already held by another race, in which case you will need to fight to claim it. Some areas of land have symbols that provide additional benefits, and you can only claim land that is connected to areas you already control (unless you have an ability that breaks this rule).

The game plays through a number of rounds and a player can only have one active and one ‘in decline’ race active at any time. Points are calculated at the end of the players turn based on how much land they control and any bonuses that they get for their race and/ or ability.

The beautiful artwork and amusing combinations of races and abilities means that this is a fun game to introduce new players to board gaming. It has a good mix of strategy and luck, meaning nobody will feel overwhelmed with tough decisions.

There are also a number of expansions – additional races and abilities, as well as cards that provide random effects – to increase the long term attraction of this game.

Small World Box

From about £35 at Amazon UK.

Small World
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