Possibly one of the best cooperative games to introduce to new players or for families, Forbidden Island is quick to teach and fun to play.

Each player takes on a specialist role – such as a diver or navigator – on a quest to capture four artefacts from a sinking island.

The island itself is made up by using 24 square tiles each with double sided art; one side showing the island above water and the other showing it flooded.

Players work together to collect cards which they can cash in for the four artefacts, whilst trying to navigate around areas that are flooded or have sunken away forever!

After each turn land tiles slip under the waves or, if already flooded, are taken off the board for good. The number of land areas depends on the flood meter which increases throughout the game.

To win, players need to collect all four of the artefacts – the lion, chalice, orb and gem – and then escape via helicopter before the island is lost.

There is a real sense of urgency in Forbidden Island and the game can only be won by working together as a team.

This game comes in a high quality tin with the land cards and moulded tokens for the four artefacts.

Forbidden Island Tin

Available for under £20 from Amazon UK.

Forbidden Island
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