Unfortunately we were not successful in funding our Kickstarter campaign to publish a book on tabletop games via the crowd funding model, however that has not deterred us.  Instead we’ll look at raising the funds from our savings, as we believe that books about boardgames and card games are needed to help grow the interest in this hobby.  And, selfishly, we’d love to have a book with fantastic pictures of games to thumb through.

Our revised plan is to produce a set of smaller books – probably covering 25 games, but also including some information about the hobby for people interested in tabletop gaming.  These books will probably be soft cover and slightly smaller at 8 inches by 8 inches.  All the games covered will initially come from our own collection as this is a pragmatic way to save costs, plus we have a good amount at around 200 games to choose from.

To all those who backed the campaign – THANK YOU!  Launching a campaign is a leap into the unknown, and the feedback and support given by so many people was much appreciated.

If you do have a game that you’d like us to consider, please complete the form below.


Self publish route

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