I’m delighted to confirm that we’ve had the opportunity for a Q&A session with Dominique Metzler, the Managing Director of Spiel!  This interview will be included in the book we hope to publish through Kickstarter, starting later this month.  Essen Spiel is the single largest board gaming event, hosted in Germany in October each year, attracting over 150,000 visitors and the ideal place to see new releases.

One of the things we found out from the interview is that the original Essen Spiel, back in 1983, was anticipated to be a modest gathering of about 700 people, although over 5,000 actually turned up during the 3-day event!

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In addition to the interview itself, we’ve also been sent some pictures of the event as well as the hall plan for those planning to attend later this year.

Essen Spiel Interview
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