So we’re finally doing it… We will be launching a Kickstarter campaign towards the end of March to publish a visual, coffee table style, hard cover book about tabletop games!

The book will include three sections, including:

  1. About modern board gaming (30 – 40 pages)
    Discuss modern games beyond the big box stores with content to please people who are already familiar with the game industry as well as explain the basics to people who have not been exposed to games of various mechanics
  2. 40 – 60 Board games (4 pages each) (160+ pages)
  3. Resources (Online, offline, YouTube, Cafés, Shops, Events, etc.) (~20 pages)

Depending on publisher interest, we may also include a 4th section featuring publishers.

The book will be 8″ x 11″, landscape format.  Kickstarter pledges will include options for single purchase, limited edition KS variant cover, 2 set (one to keep, one to gift) and options for stores wanting to resell the books directly to their customers.  At the moment we’re just producing the book in English, however we may look at other languages as stretch goals during the campaign.

If you would like to hear more about the campaign when we launch, simply leave your details at this link: https://surveyplanet.com/58b6852c3019af36e81cbf28

Kickstarter campaign: preview

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