Super Farmer

You are animal herder, wishing to become a Super Farmer. Your animals breed and herds grows, what brings you profit. You can exchange raised animals for other species if you find this exchange profitable. To become a Super Farmer you must gather livestock including at last one horse, cow, pig, sheep and rabbit. However, be warned! In neighborhood, the wolf and the fox are hunting for your animals

Summary Review

Super Farmer is a light family game with a high luck element and some simple maths.

The aim of the game is for a player to collect one of each animal type – a rabbit, pig, sheep, cow and horse – but your careful planning can be undone by a visiting fox or wolf.  You collect animals by rolling dice and multiplying up or trading up.  Two of any animal, have a baby animal and so their numbers grow.  Trading up is usually a number of ‘cheaper’ animals, for example two sheep trade up for a pig, or 3 pigs for a cow.

Play is fast and fun, and even though there is a high reliance on luck, there is some room for strategy.

Our Ratings:

Repeat Play Score: 3/5
Gateway Score: 4/5
Thematic Score: 3/5
Component Score: 4/5

In the UK, you can get an update version of this game from Amazon for about £13, from Granna.


The game includes

  • 2 special 12-sided dices with pictures of the animals
  • 128 cardboard counters with following animals:
    • 60 rabbits,
    • 24 sheep
    • 20 pigs
    • 12 cows
    • 6 horses
    • 4 small dogs
    • 2 large dogs
  • exchange chart
  • manual
Super Farmer

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