A picture is worth a thousand words!
Dixit is loveling illustrated game of creative guesswork, where your imagination unlocks the tale!

Summary Review

Dixit is a light hearted game where players are rewarded for being creative, but not blunt, when trying to win votes based on the beautifully illustrated cards in their hand.

Each player has a hand of 5 cards featuring dreamy art.  Players then take turns in selecting one of their cards and providing a clue to try win the votes of other players but, critically, not all the votes!  They then put their card face down on the table.  Other players select a card from their hand that they think might steal some of the votes.  These are then also put face down with the leading players card.  All the cards are shuffled and placed face up.  Aside from the lead player, each player then tries to guess the right card.

A game takes 30 to 45 minutes and is normally accompanied with lots of discussion and comment on the selection of cards, descriptions and voting choices.  The game is best played with 4 to 6 players and a selection of expansion packs makes it very replayable.

Our Ratings:

Repeat Play Score: 4/5
Gateway Score: 4/5
Thematic Score: 3/5
Component Score: 4/5

In the UK, you can get this from Amazon for about £35, from Libellud.


The game includes

  • 84 large-format (8 x 12cm) cards bearing original illustrations by Marie Cardouat,
  • player markers in the form of wooden rabbits,
  • voting numbers for each player and
  • a score track on the board.
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