Pack & Stack

It’s moving day! You have lots of boxes to load, and a truck to load them into-but how are they going to fit? Maybe on their ends? Stacked on top of each other? You’ll have to pack your unique truck as tightly as possible, and you lose points for packing too few pieces on your truck, or for leaving pieces you can’t fit behind. Can you pack’em, stack’em and rack’em with the best?

Summary Review

Pack & Stack is a very interactive family game, where players need to fill delivery trucks to transport their items.  The person who can best fill their truck without having any wasted space, nor leaving any items behind, is likely to win.

This is a game that is weighted towards luck and fun, rather than strategy.  At the start of a turn, each player rolls a set of five dice and takes the corresponding number of wooden blocks for each colour.  These are the goods you need to transport.  After each player has their goods, the next stage is to pick a truck from those that are available, as printed on a rectangular card.

Players rush to select their truck, often not paying enough attention in a bid to get what they think is the best of a limited option.  Now comes the spacial awareness challenge, as players try to get their goods onto the truck based on the area provided and the height allowed.

This really is a fun game with a high degree of interaction and amusement as people get caught up in the flow of the game.  Best played with 4 to 6 players.  Anyone that’s played Jenga or Tetris will enjoy this.

Our Ratings:

Repeat Play Score: 3/5
Gateway Score: 4/5
Thematic Score: 4/5
Component Score: 5/5

In the UK, you can get this from Amazon for about £45, from Mayfair Games.



Pack & Stack
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